“Our studio does what it takes to get the shot you’ve been looking for to tell the story.”

“We’re bold, we’re fearless and we work collaboratively to make sure you get the product you’ve come to expect from us.”

“Our eye for photographic narratives and the details that make them powerful is where we excel.”

“We’re looking forward to learning more about how we can partner with you to meet your needs in three key areas: Lifestyle Photography, Travel Photography, Commercial Films

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I want to personally welcome you to Annette Wahl Creative Studio. I founded this company out of a passion for film and photography. My love for moving and still imagery has taken me to India, Cambodia, New York and Switzerland where I’ve worked for local production companies and developed my own personal projects. As an M.A. in Media Science with a focus on Film from the University of Basel, I have a deep respect and understanding for the art that I bring to the table with each project. I am constantly drawing inspiration for my still work from cinematography

What I love about photography is, that it forces me to condense so many levels of perception into just one frame. I feel that a good photo should still make you feel the moment as if you were there and draw you into an emotional response. Doing this is a mark of both artistic talent, intuition and knowing what the audience will connect with most.

My work as a Production Assistant and Assistant Director has taught me how to treat clients and help them understand the creative process while respecting their deadlines. It was also where I learned how to work with larger brands. This skill set was most helpful in my time in T.V. production. The constantly changing dynamics made for the perfect training ground to learn how to run my own studio and produce high quality work. It’s energizing to work hard to create products you can be proud of. As you look through the site, I want you to feel inspired, welcomed and excited for the possibilities ahead!

If you want to know more, here are the things I’m absolutely crazy about: